About Golden Orbit Trading and Contracting

Golden Orbit Trading and Contracting deal with public contracting and building homes, villas, apartment buildings, commercial and residential complexes etc. A branch of Qatar Architectural Works and Construction, we are well experienced in this field with qualified engineers and professional labourers who are highly trained. We also do finishing works for buildings and full maintenance work of ceramic tile, porcelain, marble, electrical and plumbing works. We are outfitted to implement different types of contracts and multiple kinds of buildings from villas to condominium complexes.

Here are some of our sites and buildings that we take pride in:

  • Qatar Architectural Works
  • Transportation Division
  • Arrowmark International Trading company
  • Building Materials Division
  • Sydney Aluminum and Metal Works
  • Arabian Gulf Foodstuff
  • El Nazeeh Food Stuff
  • Doha Power Project