Qatar Architectural Works

Qatar Architectural Works QAWC is 100% Qatari company founded in the year 2004 into the Trading & contracting business. We work in construction, contracting, transportation, aluminium & metal works, vehicle services, maintenance food trading, Importing and supplying building materials such as PPR products (pipes & fittings) and mixer and marble with high quality from renowned companies. We are the sole agent for some well-known international companies in PP-R field such as FORMUL and GUNESU. We are a company that you can trust. Our good performance with national and international companies working in Qatar gave us encouragement and challenge that improved the company performance every day until we became the company that you can trust and depend on.

Transportation Division

The transportation division offers a range of services that are as follows:

  • Sweet water supply:
  • We have a fleet of sweet water tankers with more than 6 years of experience which makes us one of the companies that you can trust for water supply and are working with the largest national and international companies operating in the State of Qatar.

  • Supply of Construction Materials
  • (Gabbros, sand, filling, Sweet Soil, sand-washed, Kankary) We have a fleet of trucks and dump trucks to supply all construction materials like Gabbros, Sand, Filling, Sweet Soil, Washed sand and Kankary to the sites, factories and companies and have gained great experience in this field.

  • Supply of Treated Water
  • We also have a fleet of treated water tankers with considerable experience in this area and deal with the largest domestic and foreign companies operating in the State of Qatar.

  • Department of Sanitation (Sewage water removal)
  • We have in this section a large number of sewage tankers, well equipped and prepared to deal with wastewater (sewage) management for complexes and corporate sites.

  • Building Materials Supply And Transport
  • This section is concerned with the transfer of goods and materials within the State of Qatar and the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) via a fleet of trucks and low beds (Stahat) fully equipped with skilled drivers.

  • Trade in used trucks:
  • We also deal with the sale and trade of used trucks and heavy equipment.

Arrowmark International Trading company

Arrow Mark Spare Parts can supply genuine spare parts from productions and inventories worldwide through regional stock locations. This results in best overall pricing and delivery, reducing the downtime for vehicles critical to your work.

Building Materials Division

Building Materials we trade are as follows:

  • Trade in Plumbing materials:
  • Imported PP-R products from one of the famous International company - FORMUL and we offer great prices (Dealers’ prices) to our valuable customers and companies. We are the Agents of international companies to manufacture PP-R pipes and supply high-quality service and are widespread in the global market. We also distribute in the domestic market after ensuring that the products are of high quality.

  • Trade in Marble
  • We supply and install high-quality marbles of different types and colours for both; companies and individuals and also do installations when required.

  • Trade in Tile Glue & Tile Grout
  • We import and distribute tile glue & grout from one of the global manufacturers conforming to international standards.

  • Trade in Gabbro stones, Washed sand and Blaster sand
  • Wastewater removal
  • Sweetwater for factories
  • Treated water

Sydney Aluminum and Metal Works

Sydney Aluminum works on all kinds of aluminium manufacturing, gypsum and blacksmith works. From doors to windows, from railings to protections, stairs, kitchens to other similar aluminium products. We are on a highly skillful ground and have a number of professional technicians and labourers.

Arabian Gulf Foodstuff

The import and distribution of food to the local markets and receive both corporate and individual food requests from local and international markets.

El Nazeeh Food Stuff

The import and distribution of food to the local markets and receive both corporate and individual food requests from local and international markets.

Doha Power Projects

Deals in the fields of electricity and energy, which is under establishment.